Zarzis immigrants were deliberately drowned

revealed the Tunisian president Kais Saied That the migrants who died during the sinking of the boat that was carrying them from the town of Zarzis on an illegal immigration journey to Europe, were deliberately drowned, accusing unnamed parties of receiving money to fuel the situation in the region.

The incident dates back to last October, when 18 people died in the sinking of a boat that was carrying them while trying to reach Europe. Some of them were buried secretly in a cemetery for immigrants without identifying their identities and in the absence of their families, while the bodies of the rest were not found, in an incident that sparked widespread protests in The town of Zarzis, located in the southeast of the country.

President Kais Saied said, in a speech on Wednesday evening, that the victims of the sinking of the irregular immigration boat in Zarzis, whom he described as “martyrs”, were drowned, stressing that those who carried out the operation and those behind it will bear responsibility for that.

Saeed added, “The boat on which the victims left was thrown into the sea, and it was found that it was perforated and could only accommodate 7 people, but the organizer of the trip insisted on sailing despite the warnings of many sailors of bad weather,” adding that “the burial of the body of the first victim without an autopsy And removing the decomposing bodies was intended to further inflame the situation.”

Claims to reveal those involved

And the President of Tunisia spoke about the flow of money estimated at 100,000 dinars, then another amount of 400,000 dinars to carry out this operation and to fuel the situation, stressing the need to hold all those involved accountable, saying: “They do not care about human lives, but rather all they care about is their interests, their desires, their betrayals, starvation and abuse of the people.” .

President Kais Saied’s statements, which were described as dangerous, sparked widespread controversy, amid calls for the need to reveal the full truth and name the parties involved in the boat’s sinking incident and hold them accountable.

Dozens of Tunisians drowned while trying to reach the coasts of Europe, while others managed to reach, while dozens of flights were thwarted before they were launched.

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