World Cup Qatar 2022.. Scenes that will be remembered for years

Many scenes experienced by the fans of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, either directly in the stadiums or behind the television screens. Those scenes will remain in the minds for many years, after a football event that dazzled the world and reflected the true image of the Arab world and its ability to wrestle adults.

So with The conclusion of the biggest football tournament in the world, and Argentina winning the title most dear to the hearts of the stars of the round witchMemories and scenes remain that will not be erased from the memory of football fans for years to come, but rather those scenes will remain engraved in the history of football.

The tournament was full of scenes that the masses may have seen for the first time, according to a report by the “Anatolia” agency, starting with the exit of Germany and the crying of international stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, passing through the miracle that Morocco created by reaching the quarter-finals, and ending with the appearance of Argentine star Lionel Messi in the Qatari bisht in a picture that was the best conclusion. The most important event for sports fans around the world.

Opening the tournament with a Quranic recitation

The recitation of the Noble Qur’an in the opening match came with the voice of the young Qatari Ghanim Al-Muftah, accompanied by international actor Morgan Freeman, to draw a wonderful and exceptional scene that had not been witnessed in any previous tournament, as it clearly reflected the historical and geographical context of the host country and the Arab peoples behind it.

* Saudi victory and Germany exit

Surprises followed after that, as the Saudi team caused a shock in the stadiums when it defeated Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, with two goals, so that the match marked the start of a football tournament titled Turning the Tables.

The exit of the German national team from the group stage shocked the football fans in the World Cup, contrary to expectations, and witnessed the defeat of the camp of the superior teams in football in favor of teams that were not known on the scene with their strength.

* Morocco’s rocket rise

The biggest surprise was the meteoric rise of the “Atlas Lions” at the expense of strong teams such as Spain and Portugal, where the latter’s team was resoundingly defeated by the Moroccan team.

And the world saw how the international star and beloved of millions, Cristiano Ronaldo, left the stadium crying in moments captured by the photographers’ lenses, in a difficult, cruel and completely unexpected scene.

* Women’s arbitration

The Qatar World Cup came to break expectations and rules, including the entry of Stephanie Frappart as the first woman to run a match in the men’s World Cup, in a move that caused widespread controversy in football circles, but remains a clear imprint in the World Cup of surprises.

France’s loss

And theArgentina and France played an exciting and interesting match Fans around the world enjoyed it, but the “Roosters” team returned with nostalgia to their land after being defeated in a penalty shootout and the Cup went to the “Tango Dancers”.

The heartbreak was evident on the faces of the French players, who hoped to carry the cup again after the 2018 edition in Russia, in which they were crowned the title.

* Wearing a ghutra and headband

The Qatar World Cup was a title of hospitality and hospitality, as many fans were seen getting acquainted with Arab customs, and even trying to try some of them by wearing a ghutra and headband, with the volunteering and assistance of Qataris and residents.

The reasons for the fans’ purchase of the ghutra and the headband varied, as some of them bought them to protect their heads from the sun, and others wanted to make them a souvenir after returning to their country.

Mothers of the Atlas Lions

And the scene of the celebration of the Moroccan national team players With their mothers after every win against an opposing teamIt was an event that caught the attention of many, and may not have been witnessed in previous tournaments, especially as it coincided with Morocco’s victory over giant European teams well-known in the world of the round witch.

* Messi in Arabic clothes

The catch came to the end of the historic moments in the World Cup in Qatar, when Argentine Messi wore the Qatari bisht before receiving the championship cup In a snapshot that aroused admiration and interaction, and immortalized the name Qatar and the traditional Arab uniform in the history of football.

Messi’s wearing of the bisht left an immortal image for future generations that tells the story of an Arab country hosting one of the most important world championships, whose organization, according to everyone’s testimony, exceeded aspirations, and took the championship to new heights.

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