World Cup 2022: Why did Japan’s victory over Germany ignite nostalgia among Arab tweeters?

Japanese fan

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The tweeters shared pictures of the Japanese fans cleaning the place where they were in the match stadium

The match between Japan and Germany in the group stage of the Qatar World Cup 2022 sparked a wide interaction on social media because of the result of the match that revived nostalgia for some, and the way the German team took the memorial photo.

Controversy before the start of the match

The match quickly began with a snapshot that caused widespread controversy on social media in the Arab countries, after the German national team players muzzled their mouths in an interception movement indicating a dispute with the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) regarding wearing the “One Love” badge.

This step also comes after FIFA threatened to impose penalties on players if they wear the badge of support for the LGBT community during matches in the World Cup in Qatar.

German Interior Minister and “double standards”

The shot of the German national team was not the only event that sparked controversy. The match witnessed the presence of German Interior Minister Nancy Weser, who wore the armband that players were forbidden to wear.

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