World Cup 2022: Who is the real winner? – In The Independent

The Emir of Qatar puts an Arab cloak on Messi

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The World Cup handover ceremony was eye-catching

The Independent Online published an article by one of its editors, Sean O’Grady, entitled “Who is the real winner of the World Cup in Qatar? Note, not Argentina.”

O’Grady says that Qatar, after spending more than $200 billion on infrastructure and projects needed to host the World Cup, had to have a quick prize, and that came through the saying “the greatest World Cup ever.”

O’Grady explains that the extravagant hotels, the high-cost air conditioning systems in the football stadiums, and even the subway system, all of these facilities were only missing some cheerful football matches, and some great players, throughout history, to do their part, such as Mbappe, Messi, Neymar, and the rest of the stars. , until the picture is complete.

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