World Cup 2022: The success of the Moroccan national team is a victory for Africa, the Arabs, or the Amazighs?

  • Majdi Abdel Hadi
  • North African Analyst

A Moroccan fan at the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar

image copyright Reuters

The World Cup hosted by Qatar this year witnessed unprecedented controversy.

The controversy varied from the decision to grant Qatar the privilege of hosting the sporting event, regardless of its poor record in the field of human rights, until the last moment when the Emir of Qatar placed an Arab cloak on the shoulders of the Argentine football legend, Lionel Messi, before he was about to raise the World Cup on Sunday. Past.

However, one controversy has received little or no attention outside the North African region.

It started by asking a simple question: What is the description of the Moroccan national team, the “Atlas Lions”, who surprised the whole world with their outstanding performance, defying the odds after they defeated high-caliber teams such as Spain and Portugal? Is it the first “Arab” or “African” team to reach the semi-finals?

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