World Cup 2022: The German company Nivea apologizes for an advertisement that angered Moroccan female fans

A picture of Moroccan cheerleaders

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The company was later forced to remove the promotional images and issue an official apology

A commercial for “NIVEA” cosmetics and skin care products sparked outrage among the pioneers of social networking sites in Morocco, which prompted the German company to withdraw it and apologize for it later.

Moroccan activists and tweeters engaged in a campaign to boycott the company, describing its recent advertisement as “provocative and racist”. What did the advertisement include?

Advertising content

The German company was inspired by its new advertisement from the World Cup atmosphere, so it published pictures of a Moroccan and a Croatian cheerleader, after the Atlas Lions and the “Vatreni” team were eliminated from the semi-final round.

These images come as part of a new advertising campaign, through which Nivea aims to promote a product that removes make-up. Therefore, the company used two models, the first of which painted the Moroccan flag on its face, while the second decorated its face with the colors of the Croatian flag.

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