World Cup 2022: Messi’s bisht and Macron’s presence are highlights of the Qatar World Cup final

split about "symbolism" Messi's mantle and Macron's presence

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The final match of the Qatar Football World Cup 2022 was an exceptional event, after Argentina was crowned the championship title for the third time in its history.

The Tango team succeeded in stripping its French counterpart of its previous title, after winning a penalty shootout after an enthusiastic match that extended to two additional halves, so that Lionel Messi fulfilled his dream of carrying the cup, and untangled a knot that lasted 36 years. .

After an exciting match described as “the greatest” in the history of the FIFA World Cup Final, the communication sites were filled with hundreds of pictures and tweets that shed light on cultural, political and sports aspects unknown to some.

This report reviews the most prominent shots and events that marked the closing match:

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