Without pants – look at Arafa Hettorik veal on the origins

Thank you for reading the news about Men without pants – look at Arafa Hettorik, the veal, on his assets and now with the details

Aden – Yasmine Tohamy – The artist, Menna Arafa, published her photos through her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

Menna Arafa appeared; With an elegant and distinctive winter look, she caught the eye wearing black fur, and put on dark black eye make-up, blush and dark lipstick, which made her look bold and revealed her femininity.

Menna Arafa is participating in the series “Isaf Younes”, the latest original work of WATCH iT, and it is expected to be shown in 10 episodes.

Menna Arafa said, in press statements, that she plays the role of a doctor named “Loji” who loves the hero of the work, “Younis”, embodied by the artist Mohamed Anwar, but it is a one-sided love.

And she continued, “Younis” does not like her because of her specialty, explaining: “He disgusts her because she is a doctor with a certain need.”

On the other hand, she talked about the scenes of the series, stressing that it was very funny, describing it: “The work had a sweet spirit, and there was no negative energy.”

And about the experience of the show via the WATCH iT platform, Menna Arafa expressed her great enthusiasm for her, stressing that the social media has become characterized by its strong influence, and therefore it has become a guaranteed means, commenting: “My friends and I when we watch something that we see on WatchIt and all platforms.”

The events of the series Ambulance Younes revolve around a doctor who establishes his own project to treat patients, but he engages in many comic situations, and many guests of honor participate in the episodes.

And the series “Younis Ambulance” starring Muhammad Anwar, Sarah Salama, Menna Arafa, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Iman al-Sayed, Ahmed Muhareb, and it was written by Farouk Hashem and Mustafa Omar, written by Ahmed Muhareb, Khalifa Samir, Ahmed Fawzy, directed by Moataz Al-Tuni, and produced by Synergy Company



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