With strange movements in violation of the dress to be worn .. Ahmed El-Fishawy raises controversy at the Cairo Festival

With a controversial look, the artist, Ahmed Al-Fishawy, appeared on the red carpet for the first time, alone, after his separation from his wife Businesswoman Nada Al Kamel Who appeared with him over the past two sessions of the festival, and danced a strange dance, which stunned all the attendees.

Shaving, tattoos and glasses

And in Opening of the 44th Cairo International Film FestivalThe Egyptian artist appeared with a shaved head, tattoos and sunglasses, kissing and greeting the photographers in an eye-catching scene.

Ahmed Al-Fishawy, with his appearance, violated the instructions of the artist, Hussein Fahmy, the head of the festival, regarding the “dress code” or the dress that must be worn to attend the festival’s activities, as Fahmy explained that male artists must wear a classic black suit, and Ahmed Al-Fishawy appeared on the red carpet in a pink suit.

Tribute to artists

The opening ceremony witnessed honoring a group of prominent artists, including Hungarian director Bella Tarr, director Kamela Abu Zekry, who will receive the Faten Hamama Award for Excellence, and actress Lebleba, who will win the Golden Pyramid Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Films will compete for the Best Short Film Award: The Birds Migrated from Lebanon, A Humming State from Sudan, An Invitation from the Desert to the Sea from Jordan and Germany, No. 8 from Australia, From The Devil’s Work from Egypt, Hamza: Chasing a Ghost Chasing Me from Egypt, Hide and Seek from Poland, The Interview From Egypt, Eugene’s Last Waves from Holland, Mama from Egypt, My Girlfriend from Egypt, One Damn Wish from the Czech Republic, Quiet Night in Monterey Park from America and China, Rosemary After Dad from America, A Short Story from China, Standing Naked from France.

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