With dozens of fighters… Taiwan is talking about the largest Chinese military incursion

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense announced, on Monday, that the military maneuvers that China conducted at the end of the week near Taiwan included the deployment of 71 aircraft, including dozens of jet fighters, and described these maneuvers as one of the largest military incursions by Beijing so far.

The Chinese army had said in a statement that it had conducted “combat exercises” on Sunday in response to unspecified “provocations” as well as “collusion” between the United States and the self-governing island.

And data from the Taiwan Ministry of Defense showed that the recent maneuvers are the largest since the ministry began issuing daily statistics of the Chinese incursions.

In a statement on Twitter, Taiwan said 60 fighter jets took part in the maneuvers, including six of the most advanced Su-30.



Accordingly, 47 sorties penetrated the island’s air defense identification zone, and this is the third highest daily incursion rate recorded, according to the AFP database.

Taiwan lives under the constant threat of being invaded by China, which claims the island as part of its territory and will take it back one day.

Beijing has intensified its military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan during the reign of President Xi Jinping, which led to a deterioration in relations between them.

China did not announce the number of aircraft that participated in Sunday’s maneuvers, nor the locations where the maneuvers took place.

Taiwan data showed that most of the incursions crossed the “middle line” that runs across the Taiwan Strait separating the two sides.

A smaller number of incursions were recorded in Taiwan’s “Air Defense Identification Zone” in the southwest of the island.

Many countries define their own “air defense” zones, including the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan and China.

But these zones differ from airspace, in that they include much larger areas, and any foreign aircraft entering them must identify themselves to local aviation authorities.

Taiwan’s air defense zone is much larger than its airspace, as it overlaps with part of China’s defense zone, and even extends to mainland China.

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