With 11.5 million.. Al-Hilal shocked Al-Nasr and settled its first deals, despite the punishment

Board resolution Crescent Clubheaded by Fahd bin Nafel, the first football team deals, for the next sports season 2023-2024.

And Al-Hilal is deprived of contracts, until the summer of 2023; On the basis of contract renewal Mohammed KnoThe middle field of the first football team, despite his signing for Al-Nasr Club.

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However.. Al-Hilali leader may be able to register in the winter “January 2023”, if the news is true, about the comprehensive “sports amnesty” decision.

* Fahd bin Nafil settles the first deals of Al-Hilal Club

In this context, the sports journalist, Jeryan Al-Odhayani, announced that Al-Hilal had contracted with Muhammad Al-KuwaikibiThe wing of the first football team in Al-Ettifaq Club.

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Al-Odhayani indicated, through his official account on the short blogging site “Twitter”, that the negotiations between Al-Hilal and Al-Hilal had reachedAgreement Clubto very advanced stages.

The sports journalist revealed that Al-Kuwaikibi will sign contracts linking him to the first football team at Al-Hilal Club. For 4 seasons, for 11.5 million Saudi riyals.

And the 28-year-old asteroid, was one of the biggest targets AL-Nasser club, for many years; Where he made more than one official offer to officially include him, without success in that.

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It is worth noting that Mohamed Al-Kuwaikibi scored 35 goals and set up 22 others, during 149 official matches with Al-Ettifaq, in various competitions.

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