Wi-Fi 7 will arrive in phones by the end of 2022 thanks to the new MediaTek processor

Media Tech announced. MediaTek Today about her new processor (Dimensity 9200) made with 4nm technology, which the company says combines strong performance, significantly reduced power consumption, which extends battery life, and more efficient heat dissipation to reduce overheating of smartphones.

The new processor offers many developments compared to its predecessor (Dimensity 9000), such as: a 10% higher speed rate, 32% better GPU graphics card performance, and an internal redesign that results in 25% less power consumption.

The main Android phones from: Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, ASUS and Vivo will work with a (Dimensity 9200) processor, but the first phones that will work with it may reach the market before the end of the current year 2022, as it indicates Leaks The Vivo X90 phone that works with the new processor will reach the market in the next few weeks.

The MediaTek Dimensity 9200 processor features one Arm Cortex-X3 core at 3.05GHz, three cores (Cortex-A715) at 2.85GHz, and four cores (Cortex-A510s) at 1.8GHz.

But the most important difference is that the (Dimensity 9200) processor uses 25% less power, and the heat dissipation feature has been developed that delays the phone’s temperature rise four times more than the previous processor (Dimensity 9000).

The processor also houses a new GPU (Arm Immortalis-G715) that not only delivers a 32% performance boost, but does so while reducing power consumption by 41%, reducing the possibility of overheating. Android phones during playing.

Meanwhile, the Immortalis-G715 GPU is the first ARM with hardware-based ray tracing for better lighting and performance in gaming on the go.

But the biggest development for the (Dimensity 9200) processor will be allowing Android phones to connect to routers and hotspots using Wi-Fi 7 technology, which has not been approved by the (Wi-Fi 7) alliance.Wi-Fi AllianceOfficially yet, all that has been announced so far is that the next generation of Wi-Fi will be called the 802.11be standard.

This makes Media Tech more forward-looking than its competitors, with the possibility that the first phones that work with the new processor will be launched before the end of this year. America and European countries.

However, it is unclear when we will even see the benefits of Wi-Fi 7 technology, as it will take some time before it is established, not to mention the availability of routers and other devices that support it. When that happens; It is expected to provide download speeds of up to 30 Gbps, which is much faster than the 4.8 Gbps network Wi-Fi 6E which will eventually replace it.

But users are still upgrading to Wi-Fi 6E, the improved Wi-Fi 6 standard that expands access to the 6GHz spectrum for speeds above 6GHz over the current 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum.

Users haven’t upgraded enough of their devices to take advantage of the wider bandwidth of the new spectrum, despite the unveiling of Wi-Fi 6E in 2020, however; Equipping phones with Wi-Fi 7 compatible processors means they’ll be ready for faster speeds and better wireless internet bandwidth once users have a chance to upgrade.

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