Why haven’t aliens contacted Earth yet?.. A study answers

Why haven’t aliens contacted Earth yet?.. A study answers

if it was Aliens It already exists, so why haven’t they already tried to contact us? The idea of ​​intelligent extraterrestrial life has long obsessed scientists and laypeople alike, with many theories as to what it may or may not be out there in the depths of space.

In this regard, a recent study has now provided a new explanation for why aliens have not visited our planet – because there is no sign of intelligence here. satellite all this time to receive the message or reply to it.

The researchers said that radio waves reached about 15,000 stars and planets revolving around them out of the 400 billion stars in the Milky Way.

Furthermore, study author Emre Wandell, an astrophysicist, wrote in the paper that any return message from aliens takes time to return.

Essentially, only stars within 50 light-years have had time to respond since Earth began broadcasting into the depths of space. Not only that, but Earth’s first radio signals weren’t deliberately sent out into the universe, which means it would be difficult for aliens to discern them. , because of the jumble they’ll be in after they’ve been in space for one light year.

“It wasn’t until 1974 that we sent the first high-powered, intentional broadcast to aliens with the Arecibo message, however there have been plans since then to send another message in the form of the Beacon in the Galaxy (BITG) message,” Wandell said.

Wandell asserts that there must be more than 100 million technologically advanced planets in the Milky Way for a civilization to have even received one of them.

It is believed that Wandel’s theory indicates that there are no intelligent aliens within 50 light years of Earth, but this does not rule out their presence somewhere in the universe, and the reason may be that they are waiting for Earth’s technological signals to reach them, or that their response is still on the way.

“The contact potential is defined as the opportunity to find a nearby civilization close enough that it can detect the first radio emissions (radiosphere) and send a probe to the solar system today,” Wandell wrote.

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