Who is the man behind Ronaldo?

When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia to complete his move to Al Nassr, it was no surprise to see Ricardo Regoff alongside the Portuguese legend.

Ricardo Regoff has not been separated from Ronaldo since their first meeting in 2003, when the Portuguese star was in the ranks of Sporting Lisbon at the time.

Introducing Ronaldo as a player for victory

Introducing Ronaldo as a player for victory

The “43-year-old” was a vital presence in the life of the Portuguese star, as his friend and personal manager as well, according to the British “Daily Mail”.

The camera lenses took many pictures of the friend known as “Ricky”, whether when Ronaldo got the Golden Ball, going through the holidays, and even when he joined the Portuguese national team list.

The public relations man met Ronaldo, when the Portuguese legend was 16 years old, during his signing with Nike in Sporting Lisbon, and played a major role in forming a close relationship between the player and the sportswear giant, and persuaded Ronaldo to sign for Nike, which I made a lot of profits as a result.

Ronaldo has a lifelong partnership with Regoff

Ronaldo has a lifelong partnership with Regoff

Regov admitted that the deal was a game-changer for Ronaldo and Nike.

Ricardo Regoff’s relationship with the “37-year-old” striker extended beyond commercial deals, as he is present alongside the Portuguese scorer’s family, and his social media accounts documented his travels with the former striker of Manchester United, Juventus and Real Madrid, and he became an element. essential in the life of Ronaldo.

Regov with Ronaldo during a party "The Beast"

Regov with Ronaldo during “The Beast” concert

Regov worked with several players and enjoys great relations at the club level, as the current sports director in Liverpool described him as a smart professional, and said: He organizes strong relationships with coaches and players who work in elite sports, he has a clear appreciation for the requirements of international and professional sports, his knowledge of the football industry allowed him By identifying and supporting the top athletes who represent the Nike brand, his interpersonal skills are excellent as well as his integrity and approachable manner.

Regoff and Ronaldo in a match in Portugal

Regoff and Ronaldo in a match in Portugal

“Ricky” was with Ronaldo in his country’s national team camp at the 2022 World Cup, and he was always seen with Ronaldo in Portugal’s gatherings, and the new victory player shared his successes and disappointments.

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