Who has the right?.. a crime that baffles America

From her point of view, she “defended her honor,” while the judiciary has a different opinion.

It is the story of American Jade Sasha Janks, who was convicted of premeditated murder.

The 39-year-old woman deliberately killed her stepfather after he found her nude photos on his computer.

The California interior designer was convicted of first-degree murder on Wednesday, after prosecutors saw it, according to the Washington Post.

She strangled him with a bag and does not see herself as guilty!

They also add that she killed Merriman on December 31, 2020, shortly after she found the photos on his computer, revealing that she had drugged and then strangled him to death with a plastic bag.

By contrast, Janks’ defense insisted that Merriman died of poor health and chronic drug abuse, with the official cause of death listed as an overdose of prescription sleeping medications.

Accused Jade Sasha Janks

Accused Jade Sasha Janks

Defense attorney Mark Carlos said he was evaluating all avenues of appeal.

And while the jury dismissed lesser charges like manslaughter, which would have allowed the judge to consider mitigating circumstances when sentencing, Carlos said the reason Jade was brought to trial was because she believed she was not guilty, and that was her position throughout the entire case, complicating things over.

25 years in prison.. a state of astonishment

It is noteworthy that the jury in San Diego County announced its verdict against Jade Sasha Janks, Thursday, so the eyes of the 39-year-old resident of Solana Beach widened and she seemed stunned in disbelief when she turned towards her lawyer.

Elements of the American police (archive)

Elements of the American police (archive)

Janks, who was released on bail, was taken into custody immediately and faces a sentence of between 25 years and life in prison for the murder of 64-year-old Thomas Merriman.

While Deputy Attorney General Jorge Del Portillo thanked the jurors for their verdict, telling reporters: “They have been excellent, patient, kind and attentive throughout this entire trial and we are glad we did some justice for Tom and his family.”

In addition, Janks faces 25 years from prison to life when she appears in court on the third of next April.

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