Who can replace Tunisia in the World Cup in Qatar if FIFA implements its threats?

Less than a month before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, it is still not entirely certain whether the 32 teams that qualified, will all take part in this grand global wedding.

Teams that qualified for the World Cup in Qatar are threatened not to participate, and if this actually happens, other teams may enter the competition to succeed them.. the picture is still unclear, according to the website “90min“The athlete.

Ukraine calls on FIFA to exclude Iran from the tournament, because of the role played by the Tehran regime in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and voices were raised previously to exclude Russia, which happened when it was denied the European play-off.

Tunisia case

In addition, Tunisia appears to be at risk of being suspended from the tournament due to the position of the International Federation on it.

The situation is uncomfortable for the “Carthage Eagles”, who seem likely to be “eliminated” from the tournament before its start, and it seems that the issue of their preemptive exit raises several scenarios about who will succeed them.

FIFA has warned Tunisia of the possibility of excluding its national team from the upcoming World Cup in Qatar if the government’s interference in football affairs is proven.

FIFA requires that all member associations be immune from any political interference, but recent comments from Tunisia’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Kamel Dokish, regarding the dissolution of federation offices that could also include the Football Association, sparked a warning from FIFA, which said it had The Tunisian national team is punished by exclusion from the World Cup.

FIFA believes that Daqish is trying to interfere in the management of the Tunisian Football Association, and accordingly, it sent a message containing his concerns that, if proven, he will take a firm and quick position regarding them.

If FIFA receives no official response from Tunisia, regarding Dikich’s comments, Tunisia is indeed in danger of being disqualified from the 2022 World Cup.

At the time of writing this report, the Tunisian Federation did not respond to the warnings of the World Football Association, and the minister has not said anything in this regard so far.

Kenya and Zimbabwe had already received a similar suspension from FIFA last year due to government interference in football matters.

Who can replace Tunisia?

There is a lot of speculation about who could replace Tunisia at the World Cup if they are indeed sanctioned by FIFA.

Italian media believe that her country, which failed to qualify for the tournament after losing to North Macedonia in the play-offs, should take Tunisia’s place because it is the highest-ranked country among the teams that did not qualify.

The Italian national football team is currently ranked sixth in the world.

However, the most likely scenario is to replace Tunisia with another member of the Confederation of African Football (C) if it is excluded, as if Italy replaces Tunisia would place three members of UEFA in Group D, which is prohibited in the World Cup laws.

Nigeria, which failed to qualify for the World Cup, is the member Top rated Among the teams of the Confederation of African Football in the world immediately after Tunisia.

But Mali may also have an opportunity to enter the World Cup battlefield instead of Tunisia, which faced the Eagles back and forth and lost to it, in the qualifying competitions for Qatar. The matter is still not settled.

Tunisia is entering the World Cup finals for the sixth time in its history, looking to qualify for the first time to the second round, in a group that includes world champion France, Denmark and Australia.

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