“Where do we eat?”..Syrians respond to the regime’s amnesty!

Although it was a dream during the previous years, the Syrians are now facing a shock from the recent amnesty that he issued Syrian regimeWednesday.

The Syrians awoke to the news of a general amnesty launched by the authorities for those who evaded conscription, to help them avoid imprisonment if they surrendered to military service within 3 to 4 months, as the Syrians who evaded compulsory military service inside the country will have a period of 3 months to surrender. While the period for those outside the country extends to 4 months.

“the crime of evasion of service”

The presidency also said that the decree applies to those who committed the crime of evading service before December 21, 2022.

While the decree excluded penalties for fines for violations of the laws and regulations of cutting, exchange, remittances, traffic, tobacco, tobacco and stamps, and all fines stipulated in laws that bear the nature of civil compensation.

difficult crisis

Although it is “good news” as it is supposed to be, it opened wounds that did not heal from the age of the crisis in Syria.

Syria’s crises are endless

Aid organizations have stressed that the fear of conscription has become a major reason for refugees’ reluctance to return to the country, which is in the midst of one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

Syrians also pointed out on social media that the country’s economic reality does not allow them to return, despite all the decisions that may be reassuring.

Syrians questioned in chats on Facebook pages about the importance of amnesty in light of the stifling economic crisis, using the hashtag #Who_Where_Manakal, indicating that the amnesty decrees never change the reality of the difficult situation in Syria, as the lack of opportunity in the country often limits the benefits of Similar pardons.

It is noteworthy that Syria has been suffering for years from several crises, including fuel, energy and bread, in addition to the collapse of the lira, which has had catastrophic effects on all aspects of life in it and made it a hard-won life.

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