Whatever happens to me, I am with the people.. An Iranian artist defies a video

In what Protests continue in Iranwhich erupted following the killing of the young woman, Mahsa Amini, the authorities continue to suppress the demonstrators by various means, from firing live bullets to arbitrary arrests, to judicial intimidation with trials that end with death sentences just for demonstrating.

However, despite the intimidation and intimidation, thousands in the country still cling to the call to demonstrate, denouncing the ruling regime, and many demonstrators have joined the demonstrations. artists From actors, singers and directors to sports champions in various fields.

without a veil

In a short video that she posted on the story feature on her Instagram account, she appeared Iranian actressHankameh Qadiani, without a headscarf, in a letter of defiance to the authorities.

“Maybe this is my last post on my page,” the award-winning artist, including two Crystal Simorgh Awards, wrote in a comment on the video.

She also added: “From this moment on, whatever happens to me, know that I am with the Iranian people until my last breath,” possibly referring to the possibility of her arrest, as happened with many artists who previously appeared on social media, announcing their support for the demands of the country’s youth.

“Don’t hide yourself.. resist”

In turn, Farzana Jamami, the coach of the “Kenko” women’s basketball team in Iran, published a group photo of her and her team’s players without a veil. And she wrote in a comment on her Instagram account: “Teach your daughter that you are of value and cannot be compensated. Do not hide yourself.. Resist.”

Many artists, including rapper Tomag Salehi, have been arrested, facing the death penalty, just for announcing support for the demonstrations that have swept the country since September 16, following the killing of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, after she was arrested in Tehran by the religious police.

mhsa flame

Her death has since ignited anger over several issues, including the restrictions imposed on personal freedoms and strict rules regarding women’s clothing, as well as the living and economic crisis that Iranians suffer from, not to mention the strict laws imposed by the regime and its political and religious composition in general.

Meanwhile, the security forces violently confronted the protesters, killing dozens of them, and arresting hundreds. The Human Rights Activists News Agency (Hrana) announced that about 400 demonstrators were killed, including 47 minors.

At least 14,170 people, including 392 students, were arrested in those protests that took place in 136 cities and towns and 134 universities.

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