What is the truth about the escape of bankrupt crypto billionaire Sam Bankman to Argentina?

The head of the collapsed crypto exchange FTX said, Sam Bankman – Fred He is still in the Bahamas, where rumors spread overnight that the former CEO of the now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has fled to South America.

FlightRadar24 tweeted early Saturday morning that crypto billionaire Sam Bankman was flying from Nassau to Argentina (Argentina has an extradition treaty with the US and executed an extradition in October, so it’s not an ideal destination for someone who might be looking to escape authorities in the US ).

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Pinkman Fried confirmed that he has resided in the Bahamas since he transferred his entire residence there last year, according to “Reuters”, seen by “Al Arabiya.net”.

Speculation about the whereabouts of Bankman Fried comes as authorities approach Bankman Fried and his bankrupt crypto empire.

Earlier this year, the exchange was valued at $32 billion, and Bankman Fried was described as the white knight of cryptocurrency, having bailed out several digital asset companies. Now, the former CEO is said to be facing investigations by the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

And just weeks ago, Sam Pinkman considered Fried, the crypto version of financial sector legend John Pierpont Morgan, who founded the Wall Street giant and the largest US bank “JP Morgan” more than a century ago, with some placing their bets on them in terms of wealth, and his success in Rescue the crypto industry that has experienced a series of downturns.

Bankman supported most of the distressed crypto projects including BlockFi, Voyager Digital, and Celsius. He also invested in Robin Hood Markets, which has fueled speculation that he will take the reins of the trading app. As he said last year, once his crypto company, FTX, became big enough, it could swallow up CME Group or Goldman Sachs Group.

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Bankman lost a few days ago about $15 billion of his fortune in one day.

He seemed ready to use his fortune – $26 billion at its peak – to shape the world, donating millions to Democrats and promising that one day he would donate all of his wealth to political causes and charitable causes. Now the future of all this is in doubt.

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