What is hair balayage .. and how it can be done

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Balayage is a technique for coloring the hair freely to give it a natural, homogeneous appearance with the hair without the presence of visible, clear and unmixed tufts. In this article, what is balayage and how it works.

The most important characteristic of balayage is the use of a light color in several different shades, to add dimensions to the color and show it in a more beautiful way.
Hair balayage is distinguished from other hair dyeing techniques in that it is applied to the hair manually without using aluminum foil, and thus the results appear less regular, so the colors are distributed within the hair in a natural and irregular way.

How can you make balayage for your hair:
Balayage is usually applied without the need to use tools such as aluminum foil or a hat, but you can apply it to the hair using a comb, but it is preferable to go to a professional hairdresser to apply it to your hair because it requires a high level of skill to obtain correct results, and it is preferable to obtain a consultation before dyeing Your hair, and you can take pictures showing the color you want to get and show them to the hairdresser to know exactly what you want, so that you get exactly the color you want.
In the event that you want to try balayage on your hair at home and you think that you are able to do so, you can follow the following steps:

Materials you need:
Custom dye brush, gloves for hands
A hair lightening package containing a hair lightening powder, it is preferable to choose it in an ash blonde color, especially if you have dark hair, to prevent the formation of any unwanted copper colors.
Deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

For hair care after applying balayage on it:
Moisturizing hair oil.
Heat protectant spray.
Hair dryer.

How to apply balayage to hair:
-Before you start, make sure to apply balayage on a small strand of your hair to see how long it takes for your hair to reach the desired color.
Section your hair: Section your hair, lift the top part of it, and place the rest of it on the front of your head.
Prepare the mixture: Open the lightening package and prepare the lightening mixture according to the instructions on the package, and do not forget to wear protective gloves to protect your hands.
– Dye your hair: apply the dye to the designated dye brush, and make sure that you cover all the hairs of the brush with the hair dye.
-Start with balayage: Gently pass the brush on the hair from the middle of your hair tufts to the end on both sides, then turn around and apply the dye to the hair from the back, additional amounts should be applied to the end of the hair, and some additional amounts should be placed on some tufts to get a lighter color And shiny in places.
Repeat the process: Repeat the process on the rest of the remaining sections of hair, and make sure to apply the dye to the hair in different places and points. This is done by placing a larger amount of hair dye on the dye brush and then applying it to those tufts.
Detangle your hair: After you have finished dyeing all sections of your hair, pass the brush over your hair and comb it from top to bottom, then leave the dye on your hair according to what is written on the package. The time ranges from 20-50 minutes, and this depends on your natural hair color and the color you want to reach. Then wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
– Dry your hair: dry your hair with a hair dryer and before that you can put a nourishing oil on your hair, then spray a little hair protection spray from heat, then use a hair dryer like the one used in a hairdressing salon, and so your hair is ready.

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