What does Efficiency Mode mean in Windows 11 and how to activate it?

Microsoft provided in Windows 11 operating system A new mode known as Efficiency Mode, which aims to improve computer performance effectively, by restricting the consumption of specific processes running in the background of resources such as the processor, RAM and hard drive, which also results in extending battery life.

Efficiency Mode?

This mode gives users the option to reduce stress on hardware components without closing any programs, if a program is found consuming device resources Specific to the processor (CPU) In an exaggerated way, this mode will reduce the tasks that the program performs in the background and thus reduce its consumption so that it gives room for other processes to run without a slowdown, which leads to a faster response and better efficiency in consuming battery power.

When Efficiency Mode is activated for an individual process or program, the operating system lowers the priority of this process, so that it gets the least possible amount of resources without interfering with other processes. Once this happens, Windows also enters this process into a stage called “EcoQoS” It forces it to work in a way that does not lead to consuming the maximum speed of the processor.

How to activate Efficiency Mode

It can be run by opening the “Task Manager”, then selecting the menu ( ☰ ) in the upper left corner and selecting “Processes” to display all the processes running in the background, then the user will search for the program that consumes a large amount of Resources, then click on the “Efficiency mode” option from the top bar.


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