What does Apple launch its Watch Urtla with a micro-LED screen in 2024 mean? – News portal

Apple launched its first powerful smartwatch – the Apple Watch Urtla last year. The smartwatch boasts the largest display ever in an Apple Watch, and now a new report has surfaced online revealing some details about its successor.

As reported by MacRumours, technology analyst Jeff Pu said that Apple may launch two high-profile products in 2024, and the company may launch an Apple Watch with a small LED display and AirPods at a lower price.

In a research note for Hong Kong investment firm Haitong International Securities, Bo said Apple may add a small 2.1-inch LED display in the 2024 model of the Apple Watch Urtla. With the increased screen size, the company will also increase brightness levels compared to Apple Watch models with with OLED screens.

The Apple Watch Urtla comes in a single 49mm diameter titanium case – the largest display Apple has ever made for a watch, and the Apple Watch Urtla comes with all-new bands designed to withstand extreme conditions as well as the endurance of athletes, and the Apple Watch Urtla display offers brightness levels of up to 2000 nits .

The Apple Watch Urtla features improved GPS tracking, the Action button provides a one-click workout mode on the Apple Watch Urtla, and the Action button can be customized to perform a range of functions on the Apple Watch Urtla.

The report also adds that Apple may also launch lower-priced AirPods, potentially dubbed “AirPods Lite.” The so-called AirPods Lite will compete with affordable TWS earbuds from the likes of Samsung, Jabra, Sony, and Nothing.

However, Pu did not disclose any information, such as its features or design, about the product, but said that the product is a “lower price product” to compete with non-Apple earphones.

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