What did the King of Morocco say to the “Atlas Lions” coach after the defeat from France?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Moroccan King Mohammed VI, on Wednesday, praised his country’s “distinguished achievements during the World Cup”, during a phone call with Moroccan national team coach Walid Regragui, after the World Cup semi-final match in Qatar, which brought together the Moroccan team and its French counterpart, which ended with the victory of the French team.

According to the Moroccan News Agency, King Mohammed VI singled out the coach, players and all members of the team for “great praise for their outstanding achievements during the World Cup, wishing them full success in the upcoming meetings.”

The Moroccan monarch praised “the performance of Regragui, who, only a few months after assuming leadership of the national team, was able to form a team of players with cohesion and fighting spirit, which enabled him to record a distinguished presence in the tournament, and to honor the Moroccan people and the global audience through his high sporting values ​​​​and his exemplary talent.” According to the agency.

King Mohammed VI contacted the captain of the team, Roman Sayes, and expressed his “wishes for a speedy recovery from his injury, congratulating him on his leadership and instructing him to convey his warm congratulations to the entire team.”

It is noteworthy that, during the match, the French national team succeeded in taking advantage of its chances and translating two of them into two goals, while the “Atlas Lions” took possession of the ball and made many attacks, but it was stumbled upon by returning and making an adjustment.

The “Roosters” qualified for the final match in the World Cup in Qatar, to set a date with the Argentine national team, which surpassed its Croatian counterpart 3-0.

The French national team reached the closing scene for the second time in a row, as it was crowned the title of the largest world championship in Russia in 2018, while the Moroccan national team will face the Croatian national team in the third and fourth place match.


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