We will not be silent about the transformation of our country into a failed state and the depletion of its wealth

The Director of the Moral Guidance Department in the Libyan Armed Forces, Major General Khaled Al-Mahjoub, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya that the current situation in the country cannot be tolerated and indicated that there is general dissatisfaction with the situation. We will not be silent about Libya turning into a failed state and draining its wealth.

A spokesman for the Libyan army told Al-Arabiya that some areas are occupied by factions that have lost legitimacy, and we are communicating with the national forces and various regions to put an end to the current crises.

On Saturday, the commander of the Libyan army, Khalifa Haftar, said, “The unity of Libya is a red line, and we will not allow it to be encroached upon or compromised.”

last chance

Haftar added that the General Command of the Army announces “a last chance to draw a road map and hold elections,” noting that he was the first to call for “free, fair and transparent elections.”

“They illegally handed over a citizen”

He also added, “We call on all the cities and regions of the Libyan West to a Libyan-Libyan dialogue and the reunification of the Libyans,” noting that the Libyan people “hold full responsibility for those who separated the Libyans and extradited a citizen illegally,” referring to the extradition of the Libyan Abu Ajila Masoud al-Muraimi to America as part of an investigation into Lockerbie case.

He also added, “We assure the family of Abu Ajila Masoud that we will not leave them, and we demand a briefing on the circumstances of his arrest.”

“One and indivisible Libya”

Haftar stressed that Libya “remains one and indivisible,” saying that the United Nations mission must “assume its responsibility” to resolve the Libyan crisis.

However, he said that the Libyans “are the only ones capable of solving their problem and reaching a single unified Libyan state,” stressing the necessity of “tolerance, renouncing violence, and changing the media and religious discourse to unify the ranks of the Libyan nation.”

“We call on all concerned parties to respect Libyan sovereignty and not to insult the Libyans first and foremost,” Haftar said.

Obstructing elections

He also continued, “The people cannot remain silent about the abuse that is taking place against the Libyans, in light of the presence of political bodies that obstructed the elections.”

Haftar stressed the necessity of distributing oil revenues “fairly without marginalization.”

The Libyan Parliament recently asked the Attorney General to file a criminal case against all those involved in what it considered the “kidnapping” of Abu Ajila.

The Supreme Council of State also held the government of national unity headed by Abdul Hameed al-Dabaiba legal and moral responsibility after handing over Abu Ageila to Washington.

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