“We are required to worship these idols”

In what seemed to be a coup against his ideas and his support for the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian actor, Bashar Ismail, surprised the observers with fiery statements in which he criticized those with power, money and religion and called on people to die for the sake of the homeland while they were enjoying its wealth.


Bashar Ismail said during an interview on a television program that “men of power, religion and money are idols, and we the oppressed, oppressed, poor and average people are required to worship these idols.”

He added, “Men of power, religion, and money tell the people to die for the sake of God and for the sake of the homeland.

Moral corruption

On the other hand, Ismail talked about “moral corruption within the corridors of the artistic community,” revealing the reason for his 15-year ban from participating in artistic works, except for what was rare.

He also talked about the interference of the security services in the artistic community in choosing actors and even their wages, especially within radio, television and the General Film Corporation.

“fawn and lie down”

He added that “fawning, submissiveness, and nepotism rule the artistic community, before he clearly hinted at his refusal to sacrifice for the sake of Assad,” saying that after “our master Muhammad got rid of idols, thousands of other idols appeared, including leaders and presidents, expressing his astonishment at the imposition on citizens to They worship these idols and die for them.”

It is noteworthy that Bashar Ismail was one of the loyalists to the head of the Syrian regime and always repeats that he is “a legitimately elected president, and he is considered a symbol of the state just like the Syrian flag.”

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