We are ready to face Iran’s threats to the region

A spokesman for the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, Tim Hawkins, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the United States is ready to confront Iranian threats for the region.

He added, during an interview with Al Arabiya, that the United States is committed to preserving the security of the Straits of Hormuz and Mandeb.

As he explained, sharing information with partners builds trust and strengthens relationships.

The statements of the Fifth Fleet spokesman came after the United States condemned, on Wednesday, the attack on an oil tanker off the coast of Oman the previous day, accusing Iran of carrying it out, in a statement issued by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

“deadly weapon”

“After reviewing the available information, we are certain that Iran likely carried out this attack using a drone, a deadly weapon that it has used increasingly and through its proxies throughout the Middle East, and transferred to Russia for use in Ukraine,” Sullivan said.

The statements of the US National Security Adviser came after senior Israeli security officials blamed Iran for an attack that targeted an oil tanker off the coast of Oman, with an explosive drone.

“strategic mistake”

They considered that this attack was a strategic mistake on the part of Tehran, and an attempt to provoke the West before the World Cup matches in Qatar, according to what was reported by the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.

They also added that the drone used to attack the tanker was of the same type that Iran previously sold to Russia.

According to the initial estimates of the officials, the damage to the ship was relatively light, confirming that there were no Israelis on board.

Flag of Liberia

A defense official in the Middle East confirmed that the attack took place yesterday evening off the coast of Oman. He explained that the ship carries the flag of Liberia, and is named “Pacific Zircon”, adding that it is operated by the “Eastern Pacific Shipping” company, headquartered in Singapore, while the aforementioned company is owned by the wealthy Israeli, Idan Ofer.

For its part, the company that owns the “Pacific Zircon” announced that the ship was carrying gas oil, and it sustained minor damage to its hull without the cargo leaking or injuries among the crew members, according to the Associated Press.

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