Watch what they did to a motorcycle thief who arrested him in Beirut

A thief with little luck and fortune, who specializes in stealing motorcycles, was caught red-handed by young men from the “Chiyah” area in the southern suburbs of Beirut, who quickly punished him in their own way.

They took him to a column in the crowded “camel market” on both sides of the street with small shops that sell a little bit of everything, then tied his hands with ropes behind the column, and hung a carton hanging from his neck, according to what appears in a video clip spread on communication sites and shown by “Al” below. And they wrote in the carton a definition from him on his tongue: “I am a thief of motorcycles in Chiyah,” and added his full name below it, in order for us to insult him, so that he would be an example to others.

The twenty-year-old thief, according to what appears from his features, is no stranger to the region, according to a tweet written by one of them. However, he was punished directly by its people before handing him over to the police at a later time, evidence of their lack of confidence that he will receive an appropriate punishment, or perhaps they did so as a relief from the many thefts in the area previously, which we find a lot of news about on the Internet.

One of those familiar with the area, whose name is @basso_038 on Twitter, wrote a tweet describing the arrested person as “the biggest thief in the suburb. He uses the Burj al-Barajneh camp as a safe place for him, and the Public Prosecution wrote several arrest warrants against him, and searches and investigations failed to arrest him, so he expanded the scope of his work, and every citizen is a sentry in the area.” His homeland is not Conton, as some claim. Chiyah is controlled by the state from all its entrances through fixed and mobile barriers,” he said.

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