Watch their steps… This is how the Kherson youths spied on the Russians

After they celebrated and celebrated the arrival of their country’s forces to Kherson city, southern UkraineAfter its recovery from Russian forces, hundreds of Ukrainians expressed their relief at the end of “this bitter chapter of occupation”.

While some of them recounted how he was observing and scouting the Russian headquarters to inform the Ukrainian forces.

We write everything and send

The young musician Volodymyr Timur (19 years) told AFP how he was “walking with his friends in the streets of Kherson during the months of the Russian occupation, watching every step of the soldiers.”

From Kherson - Reuters

From Kherson – Reuters

“We would watch very closely and then we would go home and write everything down, and then we would send the information, completely hiding everything – phones, papers, clothes, everything,” he explained.

In addition, he confirmed that he and his comrades had informed the Ukrainian forces “about everything, whether equipment and ammunition storage sites or sleeping sites.”

So that the Ukrainian forces could then use these coordinates to direct strikes during the counterattack they launched to the south.

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited, on Monday, the city of Kherson, which is the largest gain for his country’s forces so far, and accused Russian forces of committing war crimes before they fled last week. “We are moving forward,” he said, addressing the forces standing in front of the administrative building in the main square of the city.

Zelensky also thanked NATO and other allies for their continued support, especially in terms of sending missiles, which made a big difference on the fronts for Kyiv.

While parents with their children went out into the square, some pushing strollers, others waving Ukrainian flags or wrapping themselves in them.

Major setback

It is noteworthy that this withdrawal from Kherson constituted a major setback for the Russian army, especially as it is the first major Ukrainian city to fall into its hands since the outbreak of the conflict on February 24.

It also constitutes, along with Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhia, the four regions that the Kremlin announced in late September (2022) to annex.

Also, its geographical location is of particular importance, as the region is located on the borders of the Dnipro, Petrovsk and Nikolaev regions, and has land borders with Crimea in the south, while it overlooks the Black Sea in the southwest, and in the southeast the Sea of ​​Azov.

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