Watch the video .. A YouTuber managed to make the first foldable iPhone

A Chinese YouTube content maker made the first foldable iPhone by using parts of a foldable phone on the market and running it normally, even before Apple actually started participating in this new smartphone market.

Apple is associated with entering the world of foldable devices, despite the fact that the company has not yet announced its plans for this new market, while major companies, led by Samsung, are investing increasingly in foldable devices.

And speaking of crazy crafts, he did YouTuber A Chinese made an already foldable iPhone by merging the iPhone X with parts of the already foldable Motorola Razr phone.

In his video, the YouTuber talks about getting parts from different iPhones to make the first foldable iPhone. He extracted the internal parts of the iPhone X and other devices and packaged them inside the Motorola Razr’s clamshell-shaped chassis that can be folded horizontally. Finally, to a foldable iPhone in the style of the Galaxy Z Flip.

Sure, the process wasn’t quite as simple as he says in the previous paragraph, as he adds that it took careful construction and a lot of trial and error to finally get everything working correctly.

The YouTuber’s ultimate goal was to provide as many iPhone parts as he might need, and he also said he tested several hinges to make the phone foldable, including the hinges from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip but ultimately chose the Moto Razr hinge because it resulted in The least amount of screen wrinkling.

foldable iPhone

The team even had to 3D-print some parts to complete the painstaking process. They also impacted battery life and built a tiny 1,000mAh cell just into the phone, with no wireless charging or MagSafe charging.

Of course, this does not mean that the first iPhone with a foldable screen that is officially manufactured by Apple will be the same in the YouTuber model, but the American giant will add different touches in a market that is still in the early stages of the beginning.

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