Watch the moment the Indonesian first lady fell down the stairs

The Indonesian first lady was exposed to an embarrassing situation when she arrived on the island of Bali to attendTwentyWith her husband, President Joko Widodo, she fell while getting off the plane.

The pioneers of social networking sites widely circulated a video clip documenting the moment the wife of the President of Indonesia fell down the stairs of the plane. .

The president’s escorts rushed to her aid, while Widodo was standing next to her, holding her hand, as the circulating clip shows.

The leaders of the 20 largest economies in the world, including the European Union, are meeting on the famous Indonesian island of Bali, for a two-day summit from November 15-16, which is expected to discuss ways of cooperation in building a more stable future.

However, while this year’s summit focuses on the post-pandemic era under the slogan “Recover together, stronger”, geopolitical divisions are taking center stage.

The summit chair, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, hopes the gathering will provide an opportunity for some of the world’s biggest powers to set aside their differences in order to focus on addressing pressing global challenges, amid the threat of recession to the global economy, and discussing sustainable development. But the war in Ukraine, along with the energy and food crises, cast a shadow over the G-20 summit, as did rising tensions between China and the United States.

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