Watch the Istanbul bomb planter run away before it explodes

A public surveillance camera monitored the planting of the bomb on Istiklal Street branching from “Taksim Square” bCentral IstanbulShe appeared in a new video, running fast last Sunday afternoon, to get away before the explosive device she left on a street bench exploded, then it exploded a few minutes later, killing two men and 4 females, and wounding 81 others.

It is a new video in which the Syrian woman appears Bashir dreamswho is 23 years old, before her arrest yesterday, Monday, and the arrest of 46 others who were screened for interrogation, according to Turkish media, quoting official sources.

As for the prominent video, there is a Turkish phrase that means “The moment the traitor escapes in front of the cameraAhlam Al-Bashir appeared to be running in a hurry to leave the place, and this video alone, which had a basic duration of only 12 seconds, was sufficient for the police to realize what also realized from its first viewing of the clip, which is that the woman running a few minutes before the explosion, And in the street where the bombing took place, she must have been involved in what happened, and the rest was taken care of by other surveillance cameras that monitored her, whatever direction she took.

The most important thing that the sources mentioned to some media outlets is that the police made sure of their involvement and identification of their whereabouts “from their dealings with 1,200 public surveillance cameras distributed in the center of Istanbul.” And in it I found them, and I found bundles of foreign currencies, as well as weapons and gold bars, the size of which was not reported by the local media sites.

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