Watch the arrest of the murderer of the Kurds in Paris and his targeting of others in a barbershop

The Frenchman who killed two Kurdish men and a woman appeared on Friday In Parisknown as William M. until now, in a video shown by “” quoted below from the French TV channel TF1, in which we see him when the police arrested him after they targeted him with bullets that hit him in his legs, while we see him in another shot after the 20th second of the video as he follows two fugitives Behind them, he entered a barbershop, adjacent to a Kurdish cultural center, where he killed two of his victims and wounded 3 others, one of whom was in critical condition.

Most of the information about what happened, and the situation became tense because of it in the French capital, is reported today by local media, most of which are quoting French Interior Minister Gérald Moussa Darmanin, who is Algerian, that the killer, described as racist, is a 69-year-old retired train driver, who entered armed with a pistol to The Ahmad Kaya Kurdish Cultural Center in Paris, in which two were killed, but his arrest was in a nearby barbershop, also adjacent to a Turkish restaurant, in which the third of his victims was killed, according to what the French magazine Le Point reported on its website today.

It is information regarding “William M.” Also, what his 90-year-old father quoted him, as he described him to the French press yesterday as “silent and withdrawn. He does not live normally like the others. He left this morning (yesterday) without saying a word. He is crazy… completely crazy,” according to what he said about his son. Who was released only 11 days ago from a remand prison in which he was a prisoner awaiting trial for an attack he launched with the sword on December 8 last year on a refugee camp, wounding 3 he found there, including a Sudanese and an Ethiopian. They also convicted him of 12 months in prison for committing acts of violence in 2016 with the use of weapons.

As for the Center culturel kurde Ahmet-Kaya, which was attacked yesterday, it was founded in 2001 in Paris. According to what read in its online biography, it bears the name of the Kurdish-Turkish folk singer, Ahmed Kaya, who died in 2000, a victim at the age of 43. He had a heart attack in the French capital, where he was staying.

In February 1999, the singer announced his intention to release an album in the Kurdish language, which was banned at that time in Turkey, so the police arrested him for 6 months, then allowed him to travel to France to perform a concert he had previously contracted for, on the condition that he return after that to Turkey, but he stayed there for two months and did not He was promised, then he died in November 2000 and they buried him in the Cemetery of the Greats in Paris, and although Turkey announced in 2013 that it was working to recover his body for burial in his hometown of Malatya in eastern Anatolia, his remains are still in their resting place.

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