Watch .. “Saudi Arabia” tells the story of her affliction with a strange and rare disease 28 years ago… and a surprise after doctors decided to amputate her foot

Al-Marsad newspaper: Sarah Al-Mousa recounted the story of her affliction with a strange and rare disease 28 years ago, and the journey of her family’s search for treatment inside and outside the Kingdom, and how she was treated in a simple way.

tumor in foot

She said during an interview with the “Yahla” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel: “In the early nineties, I was almost 10 years old and had a tumor in my right leg, and at that time, health care in Al-Ahsa was not as advanced as it is now, and we needed a specialized orthopedic doctor to diagnose We had to go to Riyadh, and medical reports were sent to Switzerland and Britain.

diagnosis wrong

She pointed out that the diagnosis, according to medical reports in Saudi Arabia and Britain, was a mistake, and doctors stated that the only treatment for the tumor was amputation of the foot.

She indicated that there was a case of blurring of vision. Pointing out that her family did not make a decision to amputate, especially that she was feeling slight pain and was able to move and go to school.

going to me America

She said that one of her father’s friends suggested that he go to America and present her to a specialized doctor, and they actually went to America about a year after her injury.

treatment in America

She explained that the doctors took a sample of the bones, and it was found that the tumor was benign and did not require surgical intervention, and they put her foot in a cast for 6 months.

construction hospital

She added, after we returned from the treatment trip, my father had a project, which was to build a building and allocate it as offices, but he changed his mind and decided to make the building a hospital because of his admiration for the medical service provided in the hospital in America.


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