Watch Pique collapse in tears: I was born here and I will die here

“I love Barcelona… That’s why I consider it the right moment to leave… But this is not goodbye, I was born here, and I will die here.”

With those words farewell defender Barcelona The retired Gerard Pique, the large crowd that gathered yesterday evening, Saturday, to bid him farewell.

However, the famous footballer did not hold himself together, and his tears failed him, and he collapsed in tears at the Camp Nou stadium, amid warm applause, when the moment came to leave the team that embraced him as a child. Addressing the audience, he said, “The president…the president,” referring to his return as team leader, said: “When you grow up and mature in life, you realize that sometimes love means giving up the one you love. I am convinced that I will be here again in the future.”

In subsequent statements to the match that brought his team and Almeria together, Pique confirmed that he felt liberated when coach Xabi Hernandez directed him in the 83rd minute during the 2-0 victory over Almeria.

Pique crying (Reuters)

Pique crying (Reuters)

He added, “I have a thousand things in front of me to choose from, I need to organize myself.

“I’ll come back”

“This is my home, I was born here and I’ll be back, but now it’s time to have fun with the family and I’m going on vacation for a while,” he added.

In addition, he confirmed during his speech to the (Dazon) platform that he felt as if “a heavy burden had been removed from his shoulders when he left the stadium,” adding that the last months had been very difficult, but today he feels liberated.

Pique with his two children (Reuters)

Pique with his two children (Reuters)

He also expressed his happiness for making every effort for the club, saying, “I had good days and bad days, but I am proud of them. It was a life experience that I will keep forever.”

Pique, who separated last June from his wife, Shakira, the famous Colombian singer and the mother of his two children, started the match yesterday, carrying the armband in a season in which he faced harsh criticism because of his modest level and came out of Xavi’s accounts amid reports that the coach and former pitching partner had the choice between leaving or retiring. before the start of the season.

And the pressure was increased by his salary, which was considered the largest in the financially troubled club. While it was reported that he would waive the salary of another year and a half on his contract, in a decision that would improve Barcelona’s financial situation.

Pique carried on the palms (Reuters)

Pique carried on the palms (Reuters)

A successful businessman

It is noteworthy that the 35-year-old had announced on Friday that this match would be his last in the historic stadium, after he decided to retire from playing with the Spanish League suspended next week due to the World Cup in Qatar.

Pique, who won 36 titles in 18 years of his career, including four titles in the Champions League, the World Cup and the European Championship with Spain, is one of the most prominent defenders of his generation.

Pique with his two sons at the last farewell (Reuters)

Pique with his two sons at the last farewell (Reuters)

But he is also a successful businessman, having founded Cosmos Holding, which has large investments in electronic games.

He also owns Andorra club in the second division in Spain, and signed a partnership contract worth three billion dollars with the International Tennis Federation for a period of 25 years to transform the Davis Cup system, among other investments.

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