Watch how Kuwait wore a white suit when it was covered in snow for the first time

Kuwait woke up yesterday morning, Tuesday, to a rare event that it had not seen in its history, which is the scenes of the fall of “sedge” that turned into snow that accumulated and covered some streets and vehicles in separate areas of the country, in an appearance described by the newspaper “Al-Qabas” as “a rare one that brought joy and pleasure to the hearts of the population.” In conjunction with varying rains, sedge fell in large quantities in the south, while moderate to light rain fell in most parts.

The rains caused confusion in traffic, especially in the southern region, which suffered from large pools of water, especially towards the port of Shuaiba and the mainland areas, at a time when the Ministry of Interior closed a number of roads due to the water pools resulting from the rain, which emergency teams dealt with.

The most water gatherings were in the Shuaiba area, while the Meteorological Department of the General Administration of Civil Aviation revealed that the highest level of rain the Ahmadi region witnessed, at a rate of 52 mm, while the cold intensified at night with a temperature of 8 degrees.

The weather fluctuations and rain came as a result of the extension of a surface depression accompanied by a warm and moist air mass that coincided with an atmospheric depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere, according to Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, a weather forecast observer at the Meteorological Department, quoted by local media.

And the snow surprised the Kuwaitis since its granules began to fall heavily in the early hours of the morning, which completely covered the streets and the temperature was recorded below zero for the first time in its history, and security and traffic patrols quickly spread in the streets and roads, and the concerned authorities raised the maximum levels of alert in anticipation of any emergency due to weather fluctuations Some sea waves rose to more than two meters.

Pictures and videos that were published and circulated on communication platforms documented the accumulation of snow in various regions of Kuwait, on Tuesday, coinciding with the crossing of a cold air mass that led to the advancement of more clouds accompanied by heavy rain and heavy and accumulated showers of hail.

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