Watch a Tesla car malfunction and it accelerated crazy and killed two people

Information about a real frenzy of the Tesla electric car on November 5, was delayed a week to appear attached to a video yesterday, Saturday, and it is of a kind that is hard to believe, had it not been confirmed by the video and the reports of the city authorities in which the accident occurred, which is Chaozhou famous for its port in Guǎngdōng Province in southern China, Its summary is that a sudden malfunction occurred in the car, which made the driver lose control of it, and she became the one in control of it.

The car, a 2022 Y model capable of covering more than 480 kilometers with a full electric charge, according to what “Al” read in its biography, was programmed to stop at a corner of a street, so it slowed down when I approached it, as it appears in the displayed video, but it She did not stop, but leaned left and continued her course, which suddenly accelerated to the point of speeding through the streets she passed through, and was monitored by several cameras in it, until it ended with her killing two people run over with wheels, and injuring 3 others.

The two dead were a motorcyclist, whom we see in the video at the moment he was run over, as well as a high school student who was passing by, according to a report by the gimo news website, in which the city’s traffic police were quoted as saying that the technical cause of the accident has not yet been determined. A member of the driver’s family, 55, was also reported to have encountered problems with the brake pedal when they were stopping in front of a family store.

However, the company “Tesla” owned by Elon Musk, described as the richest man in the world, broadcast a message to “Reuters” in which it said that the Chinese city police “is currently seeking estimates from a third party to determine the truth behind this incident, and we will actively provide any necessary assistance” and warned From believing the “rumours”, adding that the video clips showed that the brake lights were not visible when the car was speeding, and that its data indicated problems “such as the driver not pressing the brakes throughout the car’s journey,” indicating that the responsibility may fall on him.

It is known that China, where Tesla faced previous allegations of faulty brakes, is the company’s second largest market for electric cars, and a court had previously ordered a Chinese car owner to make a public apology and compensate the company, after ruling that comments he made to the media about brake problems. The car is inconsistent with the facts, and it has damaged the company’s reputation.

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