Watch… a Moroccan driver defrauds a British content creator… and the latter exposes him

In response to a video that sparked widespread controversy in Morocco, where it documented a “monument” operation, which was carried out by a Moroccan taxi driver on a foreign tourist in exchange for his transfer from the airport to one of the well-known tourist attractions in the city center of Marrakesh, the local authorities in the city moved.

Yesterday, Thursday, the interests of the Department of Economic Affairs and Coordination in the city of Marrakech suspended the taxi driver permanently from work, due to the accident, according to what was reported by the Moroccan “Hespress” website.

The city authorities said that “once they were shown a videotape recorded by the British tourist, regarding the blackmail he was subjected to, they launched investigations regarding the owner of the license, and after they were able to know the identity of the driver, they called for a meeting to decide on the file, which ended with the final arrest of the concerned person.”

The driver had asked the British content creator, Simon Wilson, who arrived in Morocco from Qatar after attending the World Cup competitions, for 350 dirhams ($35), noting that the competent authorities set the transportation tariff from the airport to the city center at 70 dirhams, which caused an uproar. in the Moroccan street.

His accounts are followed by 8 million people

The famous British young man, who follows his accounts on social media platforms, documented more than 8 million people, in a video that spread and was watched by about two million people through his account on the “Tik Tok” application.

The British tourist had agreed with the driver to transport him for 350 dirhams, which is a “high” price. He gave him 400 dirhams upon arrival, but the driver refused to return the rest, before the British insisted on getting it back.

Wilson published the video clip, which was widely circulated on social media, under the title “fraud and deception of a Moroccan taxi driver”, believing that the fraud committed by the taxi driver was limited to his refusal to return only 50 dirhams, while the scam that caught the pioneers of the sites Communication mainly concerns the price of 350 dirhams.

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