Washington’s plan to prevent Iran from delivering drones to Russia

The New York Times reported today, Wednesday, that the US administration is making extensive efforts to limit Iran’s ability to produce andDelivery of drones to Russiawhich in turn uses it in its military operation against Ukraine.

An expanded American plan

Intelligence, army and national security officials said during interviews with the newspaper in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, that there is an expanded American program aimed at restricting Iran’s ability to manufacture drones, making it difficult for the Russians to carry out attacks using them. They pointed out that if this fails, the Ukrainians will be provided with the necessary defenses to overthrow it.

Western-made components

The expansion of these efforts has become evident in recent weeks, as the administration has accelerated its moves to deny Iran the Western-made components needed to manufacture the drones it sells to Russia after an examination of the intercepted aircraft debris showed that they were equipped with American-made technology.

1,700 march

Reports indicate that Tehran has so far supplied the Russian forces with about 1,700 attack drones, and plans to provide them with 300 more in the near future.

British Foreign Office sources said last week that Iranian-made drones supplied to Russia played a “central role” in the attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine.

A defense partnership between Moscow and Tehran

And earlier this month, the CIA said Russia is also looking to help Iran, which could pose a threat to US allies in the region.

“What is beginning to emerge are at least the beginnings of a full-fledged defense partnership between Russia and Iran, where the Iranians provide the Russians with drones that kill Ukrainian civilians as we speak today,” William Burns, the head of the CIA, said in an interview.

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