Washington’s escalation may cause a direct clash

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned today, Monday, that the current US policy puts Moscow and Washington on the brink of direct confrontation, calling on the United States to abandon the policy of escalation.

“a far-sighted policy”

Zakharova said, “After the abject American failure in Afghanistan, the United States is getting more involved in a new conflict, and this is not only evident in supporting the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv with funding and arming, but also in increasing the military presence on the ground… This is a dangerous matter and a policy devoid of far-sightedness.” It puts the United States and Russia on the brink of a direct clash. According to what was reported by Russian media.

She pointed out that what is happening is “a natural result of the United States’ desire to maintain its hegemony by all means, ignoring the new geopolitical realities, as well as arrogance and unwillingness to conduct a serious dialogue on Russia’s security guarantees.”

Moscow must be heard.

And she demanded that Moscow’s voice be heard in Washington, pointing out that there is no reason for optimism so far, in this regard.

It is noteworthy that a meeting was held between America and Russia in Istanbul at the level of diplomatic representatives, to discuss visa problems between the two countries, the exchange of diplomats and the work of the two countries’ diplomatic missions.

The two countries also exchanged prisoners under Saudi-Emirati mediation, as Russia released the famous basketball player, Brittney Griner, in return for Washington’s release of the “death merchant” Victor Bout.

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