Washington condemns the Iranian strikes in Iraqi Kurdistan

The United States condemned, on Tuesday, the Iranian cross-border attacks targeting Iranian Kurdish opposition groups based in Iraq, describing the operation as a “flagrant violation” of Iraqi sovereignty.

“We call on Iran, which has repeatedly and flagrantly violated Iraq’s sovereignty, to stop these attacks and refrain from further threats to Iraq’s territorial integrity,” said US State Department spokesman Ned Price, during Secretary Anthony Blinken’s participation in the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced an attack on bases of Iranian opposition militants in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, on Monday, killing one person and wounding others.

Fars news agency quoted the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as confirming that it had “targeted terrorist groups” with missiles and drones in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, according to Reuters.

The mayor of the city of Koya in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Tareq al-Haidari, said that at least one person was killed and ten others were wounded, on Monday, after missiles hit the headquarters of the Iranian Kurdish party in Koya, near the capital of the region, Erbil.

And last September, it was announced that the Revolutionary Guards launched an artillery attack in the Kurdistan region as well.

State television stated at the time that the Revolutionary Guards had targeted “headquarters of anti-Iranian terrorist groups” in northern Iraq, referring to Kurdish rebel groups stationed there.

At the time, Tehran accused armed Iranian dissidents of being involved in the ongoing turmoil in the country, especially in the northwest, where most of Iran’s ten million Kurds live.

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