Waiting for the final agreement.. 3 proposed names for the government of Sudan

At a time when the agreement is expected to be completed in Sudan During the coming days, with a “final agreement” to be followed by the procedures for forming a civilian government, the nominations of the Freedom and Change Coalition to assume the presidency of the Sudanese Council of Ministers were limited to 3 names.

The name of the former Minister of Justice in the government of Abdullah Hamdok, Nasreddin Abdel Bari, whose shares have risen strongly during the recent period, was topped by the name of the Leader of Freedom and Change and the head of the Popular Movement / Revolutionary Movement, Yasser Arman.

Civil government of independent competencies

In addition to them, the name of the head of the United Democratic Union Party and the leader of freedom and change, Muhammad Esmat, according to what was reported by the “Sudan Pulse” website.

These developments came after the head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, announced that his forces want to lead the ongoing political process to an independent government.

It is also expected that the agreement will be completed in the coming days with a “final agreement”, to be followed by procedures for forming a civilian government of independent competencies that will lead the country for a transitional period of 24 months, followed by general elections.

Details of the framework agreement in Sudan

Waiting for the “final agreement”

The framework agreement postponed 5 issues to the stage of the final agreement in order to expand consultation on them with the stakeholders and the forces of the revolution, which are justice and transitional justice, security and military reform, the Juba Agreement and the completion of peace, the dismantling of the Bashir regime, and the issue of eastern Sudan.

He also identified 4 levels of transitional authority: the Legislative Council, the sovereign level, the Council of Ministers, judicial councils and independent commissions.

It is noteworthy that civilian political forces had signed a “framework agreement” with the military component in Sudan to end the political crisis and resume the path of transitional rule.

The tripartite mechanism consisting of IGAD, the African Union and the United Nations Transition Support Mission, and the quadruple mechanism consisting of “the United States of America, Britain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia” facilitate the framework agreement.

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