Vive XR Elite challenges Oculus .. Who wins the virtual reality glasses cake?

The fun of virtual reality is associated with virtual reality glasses, which have become a popular commodity, and many companies are competing for this cake.

HTC launched the new Vive XR Elite virtual reality glasses to compete with Meta’s Oculus glasses.

Metaverse applications

The Taiwanese company explained that the new system is multi-part and includes glasses, a battery and complementary accessories. The new virtual reality glasses can be used with games, movies and metaverse applications, and the contents of the virtual reality glasses are available on HTC Viveport, Steam VR or Epic platforms.

The new virtual reality glasses can be used alone or with computers, and their design is similar to snow glasses with a reflective interface. The virtual reality glasses are worn with the head bracket or attached to the large battery, which is carried on the back of the head. The glasses are stable, and the weight of the virtual reality glasses with the battery is 625 grams.

The virtual reality glasses display the contents in 2K resolution in front of each eye, that is, it works at a resolution of 4K (2640 x 1920 pixels) with an image refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Inside the virtual reality glasses, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR processor with many sensors, cameras and fans for cooling.

4 cameras for spatial orientation

HTC relied on 4 cameras for spatial orientation, and these cameras monitor the movement of the user’s hands and display them in a virtual range, in addition to supporting HTC controllers, which take the form of a ring.

There is a fifth camera that displays the image in front of the user on the screens of the eyes, and this camera is used in mixed reality applications, in which virtual objects are displayed in the visual range, and mixed reality mode can be used in business applications as well.

The battery operation period extends to two hours with the large battery connected, and the battery can be replaced during operation, in addition to that the virtual reality glasses can be used without a battery by operating it via the cable.

The basic equipment package includes the HTC Vive XR Elite virtual reality glasses with bracket, battery module and a pair of controllers.

Oculus glasses

Oculus Rift glasses are among the first big names in the current wave of virtual reality glasses, and perhaps because they are the first big name to make the prices of these glasses relatively affordable. And although Facebook tried to change the name to be Meta Quest, the name Oculus is still very much permeated in these glasses.

The Oculus Quest 2 or Meta Quest 2 are reasonably priced for a standalone VR platform that eliminates the need to purchase any other equipment, and also avoids dealing with cables (which no matter how long there is always a trip hazard).

These glasses work using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip, which makes them suitable for running some of the best virtual reality games and applications. This platform also has a large library of applications and games. You can rest assured that you will always find something entertaining and enjoyable in this platform … You can also connect these glasses to your desktop computer Connect to your Oculus Link Cable, sold separately, and let you enjoy all your PC games when you connect these glasses via the cord.

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