Violent fighting and trench warfare in Ukraine.. Patriot missiles may turn the equation around

approaching The Russian military operation in Ukraine has completed its tenth monthAnd the operations continue today, Wednesday, as units of the Russian army are trying to extend full control over the Ukrainian regions, and strike their positions and weapons depots, while the Kyiv forces continue to resist and try to regain their lands with material and military support from the West.

In the latest field developments, an air alert has been launched throughout Ukraine this morning, but there has been no news so far of a new wave of Russian attacks.

And while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visits the United States of AmericaOn his first foreign trip since the outbreak of war on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announces plans Military operation during 2023 During a meeting with the leaders of the Russian army.

In this regard, the US presidential spokeswoman announced that US President Joe Biden will announce new “big” assistance to Ukraine, which, according to a senior US official, will include the advanced Patriot air defense system.

Presidents Putin and Zelensky

Presidents Putin and Zelensky

And US media had said that President Biden intended to announce a new arms package for Kiev, including for the first time “Patriot” missiles, which have proven their capabilities on a large scale in recent years, and are able to strongly reduce the effectiveness of Russian strikes on Ukraine.

France had recently delivered Crotal missile launchers and missile batteries to Ukraine, which will continue to supply weapons at the beginning of 2023, according to what French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with “TF1” and “LCI” broadcast on Tuesday.

“In recent days, France has delivered additional weapons, including missile launchers, Crotal missiles, and equipment, in addition to what we have provided,” the French president revealed when he was aboard the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” off the Egyptian coast.

Meanwhile, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday urged his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in a phone call to use his influence with Russia to stop the war in Ukraine, his office said.

On Tuesday, President Zelensky visited Bakhmut, a city that Russian forces have been trying to seize for months and is currently the hottest point on the front line in eastern Ukraine, describing the war-ravaged city as the “fortress” of the front in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Zelensky told Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut, “Here in Donbass, you are protecting all of Ukraine… They will do everything they did here in other cities of our country, because they don’t want anything Ukrainian, I’m sure of that.”

“This is not just Bakhmut, this is Bakhmut Fort,” he added, while honoring the Ukrainian soldiers.

It is believed that Russia is relying on mercenaries, recruits from prisons, and newly mobilized soldiers, in order to regain control of the city by launching a series of attacks on Ukrainian positions.

Trench warfare and artillery bombardment around Bakhmut – which was famous for its vineyards and caves of salt mines – flattened large parts of the city and its surroundings.

The visit comes after Vladimir Putin acknowledged earlier on Tuesday that the situation is “very difficult” in the four regions in southern and eastern Ukraine that Moscow announced annexation without fully controlling it.

In September, the Russian president announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions (Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson) that are partially controlled by the Russian army, after holding local “referendums” that were denounced by Kyiv and the West.

His forces did not fully control any of the regions, and last month were forced to withdraw from the regional capital of the southern Kherson region, after a months-long counterattack by Ukrainian forces.

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