Video.. Trump’s first comment after restoring his Twitter account

After an absence of nearly two years, former President Donald Trump has managed to get his Twitter account back, though it is unclear whether or not he will return permanently.

Elon Musk, the social media company’s new owner, announced Saturday night that Trump’s Twitter account would be restored. Minutes later, the former president’s profile was unblocked and his blue checkmark was restored, it said.Us today

The news comes days after Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid. He was banned from Twitter on the grounds that he incited violence during the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol.

“Account will be restored,” Musk said on Twitter Saturday night.

Trump, who announced Tuesday that he would run for president again, said he would not return to Twitter even if he were invited.

Trump has 4.56 million followers, a small fraction of the more than 88 million followers he had on Twitter.

Before the ban was lifted, Musk on Friday launched a poll on his personal Twitter account asking users if he should “bring former President Trump back”. More than 15 million users participated, although it was not clear how many of the survey participants were verified as users or bots.

After the poll, Musk announced that the account would be reinstated.

On Saturday, Trump issued a statement about the poll and the possibility of his account being reinstated. “Now vote affirmative, but don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere,” Trump said. “The social truth is special!” In reference to the factory that launched it.

He explained in a virtual appearance at a Republican Jewish Coalition leadership meeting, saying that although he “always loved” Musk and was happy to have bought him Twitter, he “sees no reason” to return to the platform.

“They have a lot of problems with Twitter,” Trump said.

The cancellation of Trump and other figures on the political right has sparked outrage among conservatives, who accuse Facebook and other major social media platforms of censorship and liberal biases.

Since Musk took over the company last month, he has brought back other notable people and companies, including right-wing Canadian podcaster Jordan Peterson, far-right satirical website Bubble B, and comedian Kathy Griffin, who was suspended after impersonating Musk on Twitter.

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