Video.. This is what the father of a Jordanian officer who ruled the events of Maan requested from King Abdullah

With audacity and audacity of heart, the Jordanian citizen Abd al-Hadi al-Najada, the father of Lieutenant 1 Moataz, who died during a security raid on the home of the murderer of the Jordanian colonel Abd al-Razzaq al-Dalabeh in the Hussainiya area of ​​Ma’an Governorate, demanded that the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, witness the execution of the criminals who caused the death of his son.

The Jordanian Public Security Directorate mourned the death of Captain Ghaith Qassem Al-Rahahleh, Lieutenant / 2 Moataz Musa Al-Najada, and Corporal Ibrahim Atef Al-Shaqarin, who were killed during a raid on the house of the killer, who is one of the takfiri ideologies.

Watching the execution

The father of Lieutenant Moataz Kan asked, during King Abdullah’s visit to the funeral home, to extend condolences and sympathy to the families of the deceased officer, who died accompanied by two policemen during the raid that led to the death of the person involved in the officer’s murder, in addition to the arrest of 8 other people in the incident.

The father of the Jordanian officer told the king, “You are all our father. I want to kiss your head. I want to watch them when the law is applied to them and they are executed.”

He added that he served in the Jordanian Armed Forces in the Shweier area and wished to be a martyr, but fate wanted his son Moataz to be the martyr in his place.

He knew his fate

In the mourning house of Captain Ghaith al-Rahahleh, the brother of the late officer told the king that his brother’s blood did not go into the air, but that every bullet that entered his body protected a Jordanian citizen from death.

He added, during his speech to the king, who was betrayed by tears, that his brother Ghaith told him that he would be martyred 24 hours before the operation was carried out in Ma’an Governorate.

Raise the security men

On Wednesday, the Council of Ministers decided to promote Captain Ghaith Al-Rahahleh to the rank of Major, and Second Lieutenant Moataz Al-Najada to the rank of First Lieutenant.

The Director of Public Security, Major General Obaidallah Al-Maaytah, also decided to promote Corporal Ibrahim Al-Shaqarin to the rank of sergeant.

The Jordanian king at the funeral home of Captain Ghaith Al-Rahahleh

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