Unique.. A house in Turkey revolves around itself in a complete cycle, so what is its story?

A residential building owned by a Turkish businessman became the media talk in Turkey due to its unique construction method, as the house was built in the state of Risa on the Black Sea, and it can be rotated 360 degrees.

What is the story of this house?

According to what was reported by local Turkish media, the building belongs to a businessman named Cemil Excelmaz, who said that the idea of ​​building a house that can be rotated 360 degrees came as a result of the surrounding terrain and weather conditions, and therefore he built it according to European standards, as he put it.

He also added in his statements that the construction and preparation of the house took one year, and it consists of two floors that can be rotated by means of wheels, pointing out that he and his brothers participated in the research and development of this house, which was previously a wooden house, but today it has become more modern.

Sources revealed to Al-Arabiya.net that “this house, which can be rotated 360 degrees, is almost the first of its kind in the state of Risa.”

This house was built in partnership between Bilecik and Eksilmez, which is owned by the owner of the house, who also hails from the state of Risa, and who indicated in his statements that “the house can bear heavy weights and face natural disasters such as earthquakes.”

The house that rotates 360 degrees

The weight of the house, which is installed using industrial wheels and motors, is 40 tons, according to Exilmaz, according to Turkish media.

The house can be rotated by means of a remote control, in a step that the businessman said was intended to take into account the geographical conditions and is in line with development.

“The house, which can be rotated from the right and the left at the same time, can bear between 45 and 70 tons,” Excelmaz added, “and that the authorities granted him a patent on the background of building the house in a unique way.”

He also pointed out that “there are many requests for his company from residents of the region to build houses similar to his.”

Local Turkish media reported many photos and videos of the house. Pictures and videos show the 360-degree rotation of the house, which was built on a small area of ​​50 square metres.

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