Umm Walid.. a mysterious cook followed by 11 million people who only saw her palms

An Algerian cook who suffices with the nickname Umm Walid to introduce herself made the event on social media platforms. She runs a cooking page on YouTube, followed by more than 11 million people inside and outside Algeria.

Despite not disclosing her identity, as only her voice appears in the cooking scenes that she publishes on YouTube with her wrists, while showing the method of preparing various meals in a simple and delicious way on the one hand, and economic ingredients on the other hand, she achieved fame behind her. Great and has become a name circulating on the tongues, but rather a personality present in social media, kitchens, family gatherings, and cafes.

Wealth of more than 4 million dollars

Talk about Umm Walid increased as soon as the “Nathworth Spot”, which specializes in statistics, revealed that the fortune of the cook “Umm Walid” exceeded $ 4 million from her revenues on YouTube.

The site stated that the “Umm Walid” channel on YouTube has attracted more than 11 million subscribers, since its launch in 2015.

He explained that it is not possible to provide a fixed number of “Umm Walid” revenues from her channel, but her wealth is estimated at about $3.35 million.

According to the source, the estimate of $3.35 million is based solely on YouTube advertising revenue, but in reality her net worth could be higher given the sources of income for a YouTube user, so expectations for her fortune amount to $4.7 million.

The Net Worth Spot adds that Umm Walid earns an estimated $838,000 a year, noting that her YouTube channel attracts more than 465,000 views per day.

The site estimates that Umm Walid earns more than 55 thousand dollars a month, with a total of 838 thousand dollars annually, and the site indicates that her profits could be more because she depends on advertising for special products.

Work in silence

Activists on social media say that Mrs. Umm Walid is a source of inspiration for those wishing to excel and succeed, as she has proven that a person can influence others and make profits without manifestations of pretense and gasping for stardom. Respond to any criticism of her because of her anonymity.

Umm Walid was able to maintain her mysterious and unknown personality until today, despite the passage of 7 years since the first video she posted on her YouTube page. She even participated in presenting a cooking TV show on Samira TV without showing her face, even The channel team does not know her identity because she stipulated that she should record the episodes herself.

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