Two World War II-era American planes collide and crash at a memorial parade in Dallas

  • George Wright
  • BBC News

Boeing B17

picture released, Getty Images

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The Boeing B-17, one of which crashed at the Dallas Memorial Show, played an important role in the United States’ victory over Germany in World War II.

Two vintage WWII-era planes collided with each other, crashing mid-air during an air show in Texas, killing at least 6 people.

The two planes – one of them a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress – were taking part in a memorial air show near Dallas.

The firefighting authority said there were no casualties among the spectators.

“According to the doctors in charge of our county, the total number of deaths, as a result of yesterday’s accident, at the Dallas Wings Show, is 6,” District Judge Clay Jenkins said on his Twitter account.

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