Two government decisions regarding the import of exempted Egyptian cars abroad

01:39 PM

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:​

The Egyptian government has approved a set of new facilities for importing cars of Egyptians abroad without customs.

This came according to an infographic published by the Media Center of the Council of Ministers, highlighting the new facilities provided by the government to Egyptians residing abroad wishing to import cars, in response to their comments.

The report indicated that the decision provides for allowing the Egyptian resident abroad to import one private passenger car for personal use, exempt from taxes and fees, in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in Law No. 161 of 2022.

The new amendments are as follows:

1- Cancellation of the requirement to deposit the amount to be paid at least 3 months before the transfer, with only presenting a bank statement of the account from which the amount was transferred.

2- Cancellation of the requirement for certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of residency, bank statement, and car data certificate submitted by the Egyptian residing abroad.

Regarding the conditions necessary for importing a private car, the report pointed out the necessity of having a valid legal residence abroad, and that the import of the car be from the first owner without adhering to a specific year of manufacture, and that the year of manufacture be 2019 or later if the import is made by someone other than the first owner of the car, and that he submit The student must have a bank account statement for 6 months preceding the date of the transfer, along with a disclosure of the car’s special and atypical equipment and settings.​


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