Turkey.. The six-party alliance reveals its presidential candidate in February

The Turkish opposition has already begun to intensify its meetings within the “six-party alliance” led by the “Republican People’s Party”, which is the main opposition party in the country, with the aim of selecting a joint candidate for the alliance to compete with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. Which Turkey will witness after several monthsCan these meetings lead to the selection of one candidate for the opposition?

According to sources from the main opposition party, the six-party alliance he leads, which also consists of the nationalist “good” party known as the “good” party, the “democracy and construction party,” the “future party,” the “Islamic happiness party” and the “democratic party,” He hasn’t stopped holding his meetings for months. However, the recent ruling against Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, who belongs to the “Republican People’s Party”, turned the tables on the coalition after Preventing the mayor of Istanbul from practicing Political work following his conviction in the case of insulting government officials last month.

  Ekrem Imamoglu

Ekrem Imamoglu

Sources close to Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the “Republican People’s Party” revealed to Al Arabiya.net that “the ruling against Imamoglu forced the coalition to intensify its meetings to choose another candidate, especially since Imamoglu has become excluded from the presidential race as a result of the ruling issued against him after he was from He is expected to be a candidate for the coalition.”

Although former minister Ali Babacan announced his agreement to run in the presidential race as a candidate for the six-party alliance, there is still no consensus in the coalition on his candidacy. As a result, the six parties will hold a lengthy meeting on January 28 to decide on the name of the candidate and announce him later in February, according to previous sources.

In this context, university professor Wahab Gush Kun, who works as a lecturer at the Turkish State University of Dijla, said, “The elections will most likely be held, according to the Turkish president’s hints, on May 14, which coincides with the 73rd anniversary of the defeat of the Republican People’s Party by the Democratic Party in the 1950 elections.”

He added to Al-Arabiya.net, “The effect of advancing the election date for a month and several days on the opposition parties is negligible. However, these parties must disclose their candidate to start electoral campaigning, especially since the elections may be held in less than 4 months.”

From previous elections in Turkey

From previous elections in Turkey

And the university professor said that “the six-party alliance is trying to reach an agreement among itself and the consensus on choosing Kiltishdar Oglu as a candidate for the six parties, as he is the most appropriate so far among the names that are circulating in the opposition political circles in the country,” noting that “the alliance will decide on its candidate until the middle of the month.” The next meeting, after completing a meeting, is expected to take place on January 28.

He continued, “Advancing the date of the elections did not come as a surprise to the opposition parties, as they had been expecting this to happen for several months, and although it came after Imamoglu was excluded from the presidential race and the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party was deprived of the financial budget, these two steps will have a limited impact on election path.

Last Wednesday, the Turkish president revealed the possibility of holding presidential and parliamentary elections on May 14, instead of the previous date set on June 18, without mentioning this date verbatim.

Erdogan indicated that the elections will take place On the anniversary of the “73 years” of defeat The Republican People’s Party versus the Democratic Party in the 1950 elections.

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